Polymer Pools

Vinyl Lined Polymer Wall Swimming Pools

You’ve made the choice to build a new pool and are now conducting research to help decide the best options. Key in this decision is determining what material(s) will cost the least to produce and take the least amount of time to install, but also last the longest as well.

This is why you should consider a Vinyl Liner Pool with Polymer Walls.

Built to Last

A Vinyl Liner Pool with Polymer Walls from Latham use a proprietary 100% Corrosion Free, uniquely rigid composite polymer – which is the same material used to increase strength, resilience, and durability in sports equipment, automobiles, and aircraft.

When these walls are combined with Polymer braces, they create a system like the kind used to support bridges. What this means for you the pool owner is that you’ll have a pool that lasts for years and thus protects your investment.

Some may wonder how a “Plastic” wall system can be as strong as other materials? Well they are, in fact Latham’s engineered structural foam process is ICC (International Code Council) certified and is also recommended if you’re considering a saltwater pool which often can accelerate corrosion with other material, not polymer.

Lack of Time

One big benefit of a Vinyl Liner Pool with Polymer Walls is the time it takes to install. Unlike other materials, a vinyl liner pool can be installed in roughly five (5) days. As a result, the length of time construction crews will need to be in you backyard a little bit shorter. Also securing a pre-engineered pool kit from Latham is less time consuming than getting a poured wall or gunnite pool from a local provider and offers more quality assurance.

Making It Your Own

One of the many benefits of a vinyl liner pool is all the ways you customize it to meet your specific needs. Especially at Latham, we offer a library of different shapes and sizes to choose from depending your needs or preferences. You can also work with your builder to design a completely custom pool, developing something all your own. Latham also offers a large assortment of irresistible liner patterns all of which are made with bacteria and chemical resistant material, so they’ll last a long time.

Latham also offers a large assortment of customization options to fit your lifestyle, such as entry systems to get in and out of your pool. May sound trivial but often consumers are so excited about getting a new pool that they forget to ask their dealer about what type of entry system options are available. Pool steps are a great way to compliment your pool. Latham’s Vinyl Over Polymer steps are uniquely non-corrosive and come in a variety of colors and can be customized to your design specifications. Spill-Over Tanning ledges are another customization option, which Latham builds using fiberglass and come in several styles to fit into any poolscape.

Why Latham

If you think a Vinyl Pool with Polymer Walls is the right fit, the question is ‘why get it from Latham?’ Not only does Latham use the finest raw materials in its exclusive patented designs but we are also the largest polymer manufacturer in North America. We are known for constantly innovating technical features of our products which extend their life and increase their performance.

We also have the largest network of coverage which enables us to positively influence the last mile of every pool we manufacture which provides a higher quality assurance to you the consumer. This extensive coverage also supports our industry leading warranties which are often for the lifetime of a product creating peace of mind knowing that we stand behind every product we manufacture.

Features of Polymer Wall Swimming Pools

Totally Non-Corrosive

Latham’s polymer wall system is made from totally non-corrosive materials. This contributes to longer liner life due to reduced wall abrasion. Polymer pools are also better to suited to increasing popular salt systems, which can accelerate corrosion.

Ultra-Rigid Polymer Panels

Latham’s exclusive Graphex and Elite polymer composite panels and ultra-rigid Deluxe panels reduce the potential of warping and bowing due to thermal expansion of traditional polymer panels.

SureFit Coping System

Latham’s exclusive SureFit coping system has a proprietary bead and a PVC locking system that ensures that the bead will not come out of the track.

Quality and Value

Latham polymer panels offer premium performance without premium pricing.

Lifetime Warranty

Latham’s Graphex and Elite Wall Panels & Braces carry a lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty.

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